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The Energy Monitoring and Control System is a state-of-the-art system for use in residential, commercial and government buildings and small industrial complexes. The system allows the user to monitor energy usage, thereby managing energy use through awareness of energy use and costs. Energy use and alerts can be presented on a custom display, computer, over the Internet, on mobile devices or by text or email messages.


Colored LEDs alert the user to rate-tier changes, high demand, cost or other user-defined parameters. Optionally, the system can be configured to automatically adjust thermostat settings or turn off loads based on user-selectable criteria such as cost of electricity, total use, cost, time of day, budget, or request from a utility or electric provider.


The system is designed to work on any single or 3-phase electrical system anywhere in the world and is compatible with numerous energy or demand-rate billing systems, including fixed, time-of-use, step/tiered, seasonal, demand, or any combination of those mentioned. The system also accommodates taxes, fixed charges, and fuel surcharges to accurately reflect the monthly electric bill.


The basic system consists of an MTU and an ECC, descriptions of each follow below.

The Measuring Transmitting Unit (MTU) measures the energy consumption, demand, voltage, current, and power factor. MTU Pro is designed for 3-phase systems in small to medium size commercial, institutional and industrial environments. It is suitable for any 3-phase system up to 1200A, 600V.


The MTU is generally located at the main electrical panel and transmits the information collected, over the building’s existing electrical wiring, using state-of-the-art Power Line Carrier communication (PLC) to an ECC which receives and interprets the data. Multiple MTUs can be used to give individual measurement of panels or loads. For systems with solar, wind or other generation, multiple MTUs will tell the user consumption, generation

and net, from-or-to the utility.


The Energy Control Center (ECC) is the communication hub for the system. It receives raw energy-use data from the MTU(s), interprets the data and calculates the current energy cost, cost today, month-to-date, etc.


The ECC can be configured to communicate with display devices, computers, networks, mobile devices, thermostats, and load control devices via Ethernet, PLC, WiFi, ZigBee, USB, or XBee. System can be configured to send text or e-mail alerts using its Advisor software.

Multiple ECCs in multiple locations can be monitored via the internet using its proprietary AggreData software.


System and Utility Rate setup is simple and intuitive using a PC running our web-based setup wizards. For utilities, rates and setup configuration can be pre-programmed making the entire system plug-and-play.

To this basic system can be added numerous options:

• Multiple MTUs can be added to separately measure various loads or generation.

• Multiple systems can be used and the data aggregated at a central location..

• Display Devices

o Wired-in Display connects directly to ECC.

o Optional Wireless Display with battery backup can be mounted anywhere or carried around for

load checking.


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