Wind power is extracted from air flow using wind turbines or sails to produce mechanical or electrical powerWindmills are used for their mechanical power, windpumps for water pumping, and sails to propel shipsWind energy as an alternative to fossil fuels, is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean, produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation and uses little land.The effects on the environment are generally less problematic than those from other power sources. 


Green Sun Energy Plus Ltd offers a wide range of wind turbine solutions, from residential to commercial. Sizes of systems ranging from 1kw - 20kw systems.


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Where to Find Us:

Shop 1 Q Ville Plaza

5-7 Villa Road (Beside JPS)
Mandeville P.O.



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876-632-GSEP (4737)



What's New

Extended business hours

To accomodate our customers' busy schedules, we have extended our hours and are now open later.


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    9am - 5:00pm


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